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Julie Kalsi Beri, DO

Medical Spa & Board-Certified Internist located in Livonia, MI

Let’s face it: most guys care about how they look, and many are more interested in cosmetic medical procedures upon entering midlife. If that sounds like you and Livonia, Michigan in greater Detroit is a convenient location for you, treat yourself to a variety of men’s professional health care services at Flawless Med Spa. Make an appointment online or by phone today for a personalized consultation with Dr. Kalsi Beri about hair restoration, laser hair removal, and skin rejuvenating treatments.

Men's Services Q & A

What are men’s cosmetic services?

Men’s cosmetic services are any therapies designed to improve your look. Whether you’re tired of messy body hairs, wish your head wasn’t balding, or want your face to look younger, Flawless Med Spa has the tools for the job. Dr. Beri offers a bevy of professional medical treatments for your hair and skin:

  • Hair restoration
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microneedling
  • Botox®
  • Spa facials
  • Peels

What are the benefits of men’s cosmetic services?

There’s a lot to love about men’s cosmetic services, including more confidence in your image. The benefits vary by procedure, but possibilities include:

  • Fuller, younger-looking head of hair
  • Cleaner, youthful, hairless back or less hairy arms and chest
  • Smoother, less wrinkled face
  • More vibrant skin

How do men’s cosmetic treatments work?

Men’s cosmetic treatments work differently depending on the type of service. Most of the procedures Dr. Beri provides either enhance your hair or skin.

With microneedling, tiny punctures stimulate new cell growth for fresher, smoother, more elastic skin. Botox injections contain a safe amount of a neurotoxin to prevent muscles from contracting, helping diminish wrinkles. Spa facials use creams to hydrate your skin cells, so your face feels tighter and looks less wrinkled. Chemical peels involve applying an exfoliating solution to your face to increase its radiance, smoothness, and color consistency.

For hair restoration, Dr. Beri uses either microneedling or injections of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. On the other side of the spectrum, laser hair removal uses high-powered light to penetrate and destroy hair follicles.

How comfortable are men’s cosmetic services?

Most men’s cosmetic services are relatively comfortable and pain-free. The benefits far outweigh any discomfort you may feel, and turning back the clock on your appearance is priceless in many ways.

Hair restoration using microneedling brings only a mild sensation while the PRP injection method does involve some irritation for just a few days. Skin rejuvenating services involve less discomfort with little to no downtime.

How long do men’s cosmetic treatments last?

Depending on the service, the effects last between a few days and forever. Results vary for hair restoration using microneedling or PRP injections, from one to four months. For laser hair removal, it takes a month for hairs to fall out but the effect is permanent.

Microneedling skin treatments last just over a month, while Botox injections last three to six months. Your glow from a spa facial wears off after only a few days, but chemical peels can be repeated within a week, month, or a year depending on the chemical and depth applied.

As you age, sometimes it takes more than just healthy eating, exercise, and trendy clothes to keep you looking as young and handsome as you feel. So if you live in greater Detroit and want to explore men’s cosmetic services, call Flawless Med Spa or make a reservation with Dr. Beri in Livonia, Michigan to see which hair and skin treatments are right for you.