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Think of the skin as a fine piece of silk — one tear can alter the look. For those who have scarring, there are ways to diminish their appearance. Make an appointment to visit Flawless Medical Spa in Livonia, Michigan to see Dr. Kalsi today.

Scar Removal Q & A

What Is Scarring?

Skin is a functioning organ; in fact, it is the largest organ. As everyone knows, any injury, trauma, or burn can cause a scar to develop. Scars are long-lasting, and most of the time, stick around for life when they are left untreated. A small scar that is relatively easy to cover up generally does not bother most people. Others are prone to showing off their scars as if they were trophies. However, for some, scars are quite embarrassing and unsightly. For someone with such a scar, they know all too well the impact that scarring can have on their self-esteem and confidence.

Scarring is only natural. It is part of the body’s active healing process and is a good sign that one is healthy. The size and appearance depend on multiple factors. These include the significance of the injury, the location, how old one was when they got the scar, their genes, whether they are a man or a woman, as well as their ethnicity. There are also several types of scars, including:

  • Keloid Scars — Form through aggressive healing
  • Contracture Scars — Formed after burns
  • Hypertrophic Scars — Raised, red scarring
  • Acne Scars

The type of scarring dictates the ability to diminish the appearance of a scar and available treatment options that one has.

What Treatments Help Scarring?

At Flawless Medical Spa, clients are offered several treatments to diminish the appearance of their scarring. Dermabrasion, exfoliation, glycolic peels and laser treatments can significantly improve the way that a scar looks.

For those with any scarring that they would like to treat, contact a representative of the spa’s excellent team today and make an appointment to see Dr. Kalsi. Flawless Medical Spa can help anyone regain confidence and self-esteem as his or her scars are erased.