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Julie Kalsi Beri, DO

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If one’s body has stretch marks from pregnancy, weight loss, muscle gain or other causes, many procedures can be completed at Flawless Medical Spa in Livonia, Michigan with Dr. Kalsi to decrease their appearance.

Stretch Marks Q & A

What Are Stretch Marks?

Nearly every person on the planet has a few stretch marks. However, this small fact does nothing to change how it is viewed. Stretch marks often cause many people anxiety. They take away confidence and cause individuals to see their body in a negative way. Since Flawless Medical Spa maintains a philosophy of healing the body, mind, and soul, stretch marks are a perfect target to treat here.

Stretch marks are characterized by visible streaks or marks on the skin. They are commonly on the thighs, breasts, stomach and underarms, though they can appear on any surface of the body. Stretch marks develop during pregnancy when the skin stretches as the stomach and other areas of the body grow. They can also occur during extreme weight or muscle gain; both men and women can get stretch marks. Though they are often light and colorless, they can also be very dark and profound, a near purple shade.

How Are Stretch Marks Treated?

Though stretch marks do not cause any bodily harm other than the appearance of the skin, they are unsightly, and the psychological impact that they can have on a person can be extreme. There are several ways that stretch marks are treated. The route that is chosen depends on the severity of the stretch marks. Topical creams and lotions are normally what clients turn to first, as they are the least invasive. Though this seems like the best option, lotions do not usually provide clients with the results that they would like to see. This is when many turn to the medical spa. With dermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser procedures, the appearance of stretch marks can be significantly reduced.

For those who would like more information on the treatment solutions for stretch marks, contact a representative of the spa’s excellent team today and make an appointment with Dr. Kalsi.