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Julie Kalsi Beri, DO

Medical Spa & Board-Certified Internist located in Livonia, MI

A time comes when people of Livonia, Michigan glance into their mirrors and realize that the tell-tale signs of aging ─ fine lines and wrinkles ─ have begun to set into their once glowing, youthful skin. It is time for them to make an appointment with Dr. Kalsi.

Wrinkle Reduction Q & A

How Can Wrinkles Be Prevented?

The earlier that one begins caring for his or her skin and focusing on restoring the collagen that is lost over time, the better. Many simple procedures and products can be used to do this, such as moisturizing facial cleansers, SPF protectants to shield the skin from harmful rays of the sun, dermal fillers, exfoliating treatments and chemical peels. Visiting a local medical spa on a regular basis to care for one’s skin will keep its appearance healthy.

What Is Facial Resurfacing?

Facial resurfacing is done by using any method that removes the older, outer layers of the skin, revealing the new, fresh skin beneath. Many people are intimidated by some treatments, such as chemical peels, but all are safe when administered by an experienced clinician. One of the most popular facial resurfacing treatments is Clear Lift Plus. Flawless Med Spa has affectionately dubbed this the “lunchtime procedure.” It is so quick and painless that no downtime or plans to recover are needed, and Clear Lift Plus is safe for all skin types

The procedure uses a laser to create a “dermal wound” deep beneath the surface of the skin. As the body sends signals to heal this wound, the skin tightens, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a fresh face.

What Are Dye-VL Treatments?

For those living a busy, active lifestyle and who find themselves without time to take care of their unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, they want to hear about the clinic’s favorite facial resurfacing procedure — Dye-VL treatments. This 20-minute procedure uses pulsed light to effectively smooth the skin, completely free of pain. Results are seen almost immediately.

For those who would like more information on procedures that are used to smooth fine lines and reduce wrinkles, contact a member of the excellent team to make an appointment with Dr. Kalsi.